What's included in my purchase?

- Full set of press on nails
x2 Alcohol pad
x1 Mini Buffer
x1 Mini file
x1 Adhesive tabs
x1 Nail glue

How do I know my nail size?

- Nail sizes differ for each shape/length. It's essential to purchase a sizing kit to ensure an accurate fit. Click here for a tutorial on how to use the sizing kit

How do I remove them?

- Soak your fingers in a bowl of warm soapy water for 10 minutes, you can also rub coconut/cuticle oil around your cuticles to gently lift the press on nail. This is a timely method but you will be able to re-use your press on's this way. Alternatively you can soak your fingers in a bowl of Acetone; but this means you won't be able to re-use the press on's. (If you've applied a lot of nail glue it will take longer to remove, it's best to wear the nails at least a week before attempting to remove the nails)

- I've made a video tutorial on how to remove your press-ons that you can watch here

Can I order a replacement nail?

- Yes! If your size is wrong or have lost a nail just DM me on instagram @f.cknails

Are the nails re-useable?

- Yes! If you've removed your nails with the water/cuticle oil method. Try to file off the excess glue on the inside of the nail and they're good to go! 

Will they damage my natural nails?

-Nope! Luckily press on's can be gently soaked off with warm soapy water and do not require excess filing to remove.

How do I apply them?

- There are two methods to applying press on nails. Adhesive tabs are for short term wear and nail glue is for long term wear. Click here for the full tutorial

Can I order a custom design?

- Absolutely! If you're looking for a custom set you can send me a DM on IG @f.cknails. Be sure to include your inspiration photo's, nail shape, & nail length (Click here for nail lengths & shapes I have available). Try to be as descriptive as possible.

For 100% accuracy of the press-on nails fitting perfectly you'll need to purchase a nail sizing kit. This will be shipped out to you the next working day after you made your purchase. Once you've received your sizing kit and have measured your nails send me a message with your nails sizes for your Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring & Pinky finger for the left and right hand.

Processing times vary dependant on how intricate the design is and the queue of orders I currently have. Because custom press on's are made specifically to fit your nails with your own design I require full payment of the custom set before I begin to create them.

How long do they last?

- With adhesive tabs they will last a day, and with nail glue they can last 1-3 weeks. (For weekend wear I recommend fully covering your nails with adhesive tabs and then add nail glue on top) You can watch the full tutorial on how to apply here. Nails will last longer if you've done the correct nail prep. Ideally, you want to remove the natural oils/shine from your nail and buff the surface so the nail glue can adhere best. Glue adheres best to dehydrated nails. If there's any oil/shine on your nails it will cause the glue to lift. 

Are the nails strong?

- Yes! I use the best Gel Extensions. I don't use plastic nails as they're prone to bending & snapping. Gel Extensions is similar to Acrylic but not as "hard" meaning the Gel Extensions have a little flexibility for them to comfortably fit on your nails. But, still strong enough to be able to re-use.

I've ordered a custom set, when can I expect them to arrive?

- It's dependant on the amount of custom order's I have at that time. I will update the processing time on my home page at the top of the screen. If you wish to receive them before a certain date DM me on IG @f.cknails and I can let you know if it's possible

How long will the shipping take?

- Once your order has been dispatched and collected by the Courier please allow 2-3 working days for Economy shipping, and 2-6 working days for Rural shipping.
(NZ Post: We endeavour to achieve the target delivery, but this is not always possible, due to reasons outside of our control. It may also take a little longer during peak times, for example, Christmas)

Do you offer international shipping?

- I wish to in the future but not at the moment. Currently shipping within New Zealand

Do you have a returns policy?

- Custom sets have been made specifically for the size of your nail and with your design. Meaning it's impossible for me to re-sell these products. Ready to ship sets come in pre-set sizes; but everyone has different sized nails so it is possible they might not fit your nail. It's best to go for a bigger size as you can file the sides down. It's super important you measure your nails correctly to avoid disapointment. I do not offer refunds unless the product is damaged/faulty.