Contact/Custom order

For custom designs please send me your inspiration photo's, nail shape, & nail length (Click here for nail lengths & shapes I have available). Try to be as descriptive as possible.

For 100% accuracy of the press-on nails fitting perfectly you'll need to purchase a nail sizing kit. This will be shipped out to you the next working day after you made your purchase. Once you've received your sizing kit and have measured your nails send me a message with your nails sizes for your Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring & Pinky finger for the left and right hand. Click here for a tutorial on how to use a sizing kit

Processing times vary dependant on how intricate the design is and the queue of orders I currently have. Because custom press on's are made specifically to fit your nails with your own design I require full payment of the custom set before I begin to create them.

Please note: There is no refunds on custom sets as they've have been made specifically for the nail sizes provided by you and with your design.

Have questions not answered in the FAQ?

Contact me directly through my instagram @f.cknails